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Our Technology


Our Technology

We our proud of the technology we have at our practice, because it allows us to provide better dental care to you.  With our dedication to Continuing Education, we constantly evaluate and adopt the latest in equipment, tools, and materials.  Here are some of the technologies you have access to as a patient:


Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

We have incorporated CO2 Lasers in our practice to replace the scalpel for many of your soft tissue treatments.  This means faster, more precise incisions with improved tissue healing.



Fluorescence Oral Cancer Screening

We use Velscopes for Oral Cancer Screenings during your routine hygiene appointments.   Click here for more information.




We use the Invisalign aligner system for patients who prefer a removable orthodontic option.

Click here for more information.



PBM Cold Laser Therapy

We incorporate low-level laser/light therapy to reduce pain and accelerate healing of soft and hard tissue.  This technology is also used to induce post-op muscle & joint relaxation for reduced swelling and inflammation after TMJ Dysfunction or other trauma.



Micro Air Abrasion Equipment

Air abrasion prepares the teeth for fillings and crowns without the drill, as it is not in contact with the tooth structure. It limits the removal of  tooth material to the compromised areas of the tooth.



Teeth Whitening Systems

We provide at-home whitening, using custom-fit trays with varying gel concentrations to accommodate wear times and sensitivities.



SLR Dental Photography

Our office uses digital SLR cameras with components specific to  clinical dental photography.  We capture a full portfolio of dental portraits and intra-oral images to professionally document and assess your progress over time. 



Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays emit a lower radiation dose than conventional radiography, but that is not the only reason we use it.  Digital X-Rays offer a more precise image than developed film, and they are instantly viewable on the computer. Digital imaging allows us to store patient images, and enables us to quickly and easily transfer them to specialists.



Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dental Nitrous is a mature technology, but it is perhaps the equipment that we value the most to deliver a better patient experience.  Click here for more information on delivering a better patient experience.

Click here for educational information from the California Dental Association.






















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