The Patient Experience

We understand that your mouth is your personal space, and a dental visit is quite the intrusion.  But we believe it is our responsibility to show patients that they can have a great experience while caring for their oral health.

Do you really want to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel your dental treatment?  The key to a better dental experience is to give your senses something better to do while we work on your teeth.  We have integrated the following protocol to keep your mind off your dental treatment:

Nitrous Oxide Sedation 

Our office provides Nitrous Oxide for your comfort, free of charge.

Within 3 minutes of supplying nitrous, its relaxation and numbing properties develop.  The effects of Nitrous Oxide are completely reversible; we will supply excess Oxygen after your treatment flush the Nitrous Oxide from your respiratory and vascular systems.  Some patients should not use Nitrous Oxide; we will discuss with you during your visit.

Patient-First Office Design

We understand that patients deserve dentistry performed with discretion.  

The interior design of our office removes many of the intimidating visual cues of a traditional dental office.  Our equipment, tools, materials, etc is behind cabinetry, and we keep it there until you are seated and comfortable, so the equipment is out of eyesight.  We find that this puts our patients at greater ease, particularly those who are PLACEHOLDER

Streaming Music & Hi-Fi Headphones

At each dental chair, you have access to iPods with iTunes and Apple Music, so you can catch up with your favorite artist or stand-up comedian while we work on your teeth.  The headphones are high-fidelity and noise-isolating, to keep out the dental sounds and keep you tuned into the music.